The Beacon

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden... let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven." Jesus (Matthew 5:14-16 NIV)

March 2016





Lenten Potlucks and Programs

Wednesdays at 6:00pm

March 9: Soup Meal

March 16: Irish Theme (green or Irish food)

Palm Sunday, March 20, 9:30am Sunday School for all ages, 11:00am Worship followed by a potluck and VCI Home Team Meeting. Everyone is welcome.

Maundy Thursday, March 24, 7:00pm Service here

Good Friday, March 25, 1:00pm Community Good Friday service at Mizpah Missionary Church on M-53.

7:00pm Evening Good Friday service - in our sanctuary. This is an excellent opportunity if you were unable to attend a service earlier in the day.

Easter Morning, March 27

8:00am Sonrise Service followed by breakfast.

9:30am Sunday School for all ages

11:00am Easter Celebration

(You are invited to bring in your Easter flowers to share. Please be sure to have your name on them.)

Rachel Rule in Concert - here - Friday, March 11 at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.



Dear friends,

This Lent we are involved in a worship series titled "Gifts of the Dark Wood." We are not talking about just how to get out of dark times, as if life is good only when our circumstances are untroubled. We are exploring what it might mean for our lives when we recognize the gifts of the Dark Wood. We have worshiped\ will worship around themes including in times of uncertainty, failure, emptiness and being lost. We have explored how these are opportunities for spiritual awakening. Worship has included musical selections original to this series, as well as traditional hymns. Our communion table has been graced with a beautiful visual arrangement reminding us of `dark wood' (thank you to all who are a part of providing these things). Our worship has also included a time of reflection with an action to assist us as we reflect.

When we reach Palm Sunday (March 20) we will have Palms available as we remember Jesus' entry into Jerusalem just days before his death.

Maundy Thursday, March 24th 7:00 p.m. our youth will lead us in an exciting, contemplative service. Worship will include communion. You will want to be present!

Good Friday, March 25th. We will participate in a community service at 1:00 p.m. at Mizpah Missionary Church. Local clergy will be participating in this service with the Rev. Jerry Harrington, pastor at Cass City Nazarene Church preaching. Mizpah Church is located on M-53 south of M-81. Parking is limited so it would be helpful if we carpool.

Our Good Friday evening service begins at 7:00 p.m. With both a day and evening service offered it is hoped everyone will be able to worship with others on this very important day for Christians.

March 30th, Easter Sonrise service is at 8:00 a.m. This will be the last in our `Gifts of the Dark Wood' series as we celebrate with the theme "Where Do We Go From Here"

Breakfast will follow, proceeds going to our camp scholarship fund. Sunday school will be at 9:30 and at 11:00 we will have our Celebration Worship as we remember Christ was not in the tomb and is with us - always! .

During April we will be celebrating with our Sr. High Youth who will be confirming the vows that their parents made at their baptism.

We gather every Sunday for Christian Education at 9:30 and worship at 11:00 a.m. through May. Starting in June our worship time will likely change for the summer. Watch for details.

Included in this newsletter is an envelope you may use to give back to God part of what God has given you as you recognize God in your life. Unless otherwise indicated, it will be directed to the general fund. If you will be unable to attend a worship service, please mail it to P.O. Box 125. Be sure to have your name or box number on it.

See you in worship,

Pastor Jackie Roe

Group Highlights

United Methodist Women

The U.M. Women will meet on Monday, March 7th for a noon luncheon. Group 1 will prepare and serve the meal. Co-hostesses are Connie Schwaderer and Shirley Wisenbach.

The program will be presented by the Human Development Commission explaining their RSVP program.

All ladies of the congregation are encouraged to attend.

*** *** ***

Blue Water District UMW 30th Annual Prayer Breakfast

Saturday, May 7 at 9:30am Marysville UMC

Speaker: Rev. Beth Librande

Reservations should be sent in by April 30. Contact Sherryl Seeley.

*** *** ***

Blue Water District UMW Spiritual Growth Retreat: The Power of a Praying Woman

March 18 and 19 at Lion’s Bear Lake Camp, Lapeer. $40 for commuters: $20 for Friday, $30 for Saturday attendees includes meals and snacks. Continental Breakfast. Contact Sherryl Seeley if interested.


February 10 statistics:

Menu: Spinach Manicotti
Total Meals Served: 63
Diners: 20; Take Outs: 43; (Helpers: 18)

Deposit after expenses: $241.67

The next Dorcas Dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9 at noon. This is open to the community and folks of all ages. The all-you-can-eat meal is served family style and includes your beverage and one dessert for $8.00. A Swiss Steak Dinner will be served.

There are take outs and local delivery available by calling 872-4604.

Helpers are always welcome. Please contact the following if you plan to help or have questions.

Pies and Desserts - Donna Adams - 872-3751
Meal preparation Tuesday/Wednesday - Connie Schwaderer 872-2315
Setting tables/Serving and/or Delivery - Sherryl Seeley - 872-2656

Looking for High School and College Graduates

If you have a senior graduating from High School or college - please let the office know.

2016 Men’s Retreat at Bay Shore

Manly men of God doing manly things! Space is filling quickly for Bay Shore’s popular Men’s Retreat set for Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2. Fee is $95.00. You may register online and get $10 off: and click register now.

Speaker, Dan Webster, and worship leader, Aaron Tuscherer will follow the theme: The Marks of a Man, Identity, Direction Listening, Legacy.

Phone numbers and emails.....

. . . . . .Please be sure the church office has the phone number you want us to use. When you see you have a call, please reply promptly. There are committees waiting for your response so they can move on or complete their task. A quick response is appreciated. You may write your contact numbers it in the pew registry or email the church office at

Many emails go out from the office, so it is important that you respond. We want to know you have received an email which frees us up to move ahead instead of having to take time to contact you in another way.

Thank you!

Lawn Mowing

Heading to spring brings to mind green grass! And followed quickly is the thought that the lawn will need to be mowed. The church has a John Deere garden tractor you can use or you may bring your own. You can team up with a friend if you like to get the job done. If you have questions or would be willing to take a turn or two mowing the yard, please contact Suzie Chappel (1-989-574-8304).


You are invited to share your Easter flowers on Easter Sunday. Please be sure to have your name on it. Thank you!

"Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there." -Clarence W. Hall

A Friday Transformed

The cross was not a senseless tragedy but the most important redemptive act in human history. For all who down through the ages have put their trust in Jesus, the cross is their highest blessing as it turns Black Friday into Good Friday. -R.C. Sproul, When Worlds Collide: Where Is God?

Our Faithfulness these past weeks:




Worship S.S.


Operating Mortgage


85        39

1462.50    295.00


60        28

1565.00    385.00


77        30

2522.00    520.00


63        31

1477.00    470.00


74       28

1285.00    290.00


90       34

1658.00    240.00

S.S. Total: 54.59
Human Relations Day: 27.00
Coffee Cakes: 50.00
Mission Donation: 2.00
Study Books: 171.00
Dorcas: 40.00
Camp: 28.40Flint Water: 205.00
Spartan Foundation: 2.67
Noisy Offering: God’s Coop: 94.16

Garden Pavers

If you’d like to purchase a garden paver in memory or honor of a person or event, please check the kiosk for the form. Pavers are $25.00 each.

For summer placement, please have your order in by April 15 or for fall placement September 15.

Minute *** Highlights ***

Board of Trustees 1-20-2016

Election of Officers:
President: Bruce Gardner
Vice-President: Mick Kirn
Secretary: Pam Powell
Treasurer: Sherryl Seeley
Ad. Council Rep: Bruce or other Trustee
Finance Committee: Mick Kirn or other Trustee.
Policy Committee: all trustees

Moved to purchase 6 earbuds for the hearing aide system.

Wet floor signs were purchased and stored in the Janitor’s room.

Prepared and accepted policy for facility rental to take to Ad. Council.

Board of Trustees: 2/17/2016

Before the official meeting started Don Ball and his son, Don Ball, came to talk to the group about parking lot paving. They gave their recommendation to be considered.

The contract for the library rental was given to Sherryl Seeley. She is president of UMW and they are hosting this rental.

The rest of the rentals were looked at and contracts need to be given to people who have reserved the church or fellowship hall. Linda Parrish as secretary needs copies of the new contracts.

Bruce has worked on the drip outside the back door but hasn't come up with a solution.

Discussion was held about the platforms at the front of the church. Many options were discussed. The group is concerned about safety and the needs of the congregation. Bruce Gardner made a motion that one of the two platforms be removed and if able leaving the larger platform. This was seconded by Mick Kirn and passed by a majority. This motion will be taken to the Administrative Council.

March Birthdays:

Bobbie Churchill        Ed Stoutenburg
RuthAnn Wichert       Caren Clara
Kerry Walther            Donna Auten
Trever Henne            Rick Dillon
Susan Stoutenburg   Ellen Stoutenburg
Carol Summers         Lynn Rabideau
Ed Profit                    Fran Lovejoy
Jossie Russell           Dailey Parrish
Josh Inbody              Barb Ball
Claire Merchant        Renee Czekai
Gerald Auten           Joe Merchant

No March Anniversaries recorded.

Easter Possibilities

The message of Easter is not only that Christ is risen, not only that suffering is not the last word, not only that God gives new life, but this: Nothing is impossible with God.                            —The Rev. James Martin, S.J.

"God proved his love on the cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, `I love you.'" -Billy Graham

Caring and Sharing

Please keep this page available throughout the month for prayer needs and addresses.

Worth Remembering: When sending cards to people in the hospital - put that person's home address as the return address on the envelope! That way, should that person be moved or released, your thoughtful card will reach them without needing a new envelope and more postage.



Our condolences to Norm and Patti Parker, their family and friends on the passing of Norm’s father, Kenneth Parker.


Congratulations on the birth of Madelyn Noelle Thick, born February 4 to Eric and Terra Thick. Madelyn weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces. Proud grandparents are Terry Czekai and Shannon Schell. Great-grandmother is Margaret Czekai.


Pastor Jackie and our ministry here in Cass City and beyond, The Blue Water District with our D.S. Rev. Elizabeth A. Hill, The Detroit Annual Conference and West Michigan Conference working toward becoming the Michigan Area Conference, our bishop Rev. Deborah Kiesey and The United Methodist Church.

Our shut-ins at this time: Ann Milligan, Ed and Judy Profit, Marilyn Morgan, and Rick Dillon.

Northwood Meadows, 6086 Beechwood, C.C.: Marv Hobart, Elizabeth Stine, Vera Nicol, Joan D. Merchant, Ron Geiger, Rev. Bob and Charlene Garrett, Delynn Bockstanz.

Medilodge,4782 Hospital Dr., C.C.: Bobbie Churchill, Nancy Hutchinson, Spike Pomeroy.

Satchell’s Retirement Home, 2662 E. Caro Rd., Caro 48723: Dorothy Knight

Huron Co. Medical Care, 1116 Van Dyke Rd., Bad Axe, MI 48413: Maxine Profit


Current Issues: Steve Fobear, Harv Walter (following surgery), Mason Erla (continuing rehab)

Our Vital Church Initiative Team

John Frankowski and Nataliah Frankowski. (John is improving with new prosthesis, Nataliah having serious vision problems.)

Those facing or living with cancer and treatments: Margaret Sippy (sister of Betsy Dillon), Joan Chapin (Dr. Bob Green’s sister - cancer), Laura Whittaker (chemo -sister-in-law of Nick Chappel), Wanda friend of Donna Adams, Marilyn Lautner [Melody Frankowski’s mother], Suzanne Dillon, Julie Patterson, Denise Jones (Leukemia), Kathy Tait (daughter-in-law of Dolly Misch), Gary Casey (friend of Leah Sherman Renner, Denise Jones (daughter-in-law of Gary & Doris Jones), Trish (niece of Donna Adams), Debbie Fastbender (friend of Yvonne Greer).

Others: Garrett Ricker (River’s Edge - Bay City for therapy), Margaret Czekai [dialysis], Shirley Wisenbach, Gerald and Donna Auten, Dolly Misch, Esther Guinther, Don & Anita Loomis, Ruth Wichert, Roy & Shirley Wagg, LaVerne Rutkowski, Calvin Kilmer (Barb Kirn’s father), Ron Zotten (Donna Adams’ brother-in-law), Kevin Wagg, Esther Powell (Morris Powell’s mother), Agnes Erla (Chuck Erla’s mother - health issues), Kurt (Cousin of Christ Allen PTSD)


Service People: Ethan Damm, Curtis Dickinson, Jeffery Hanselman, Marc Inbody, Mike Furness, Kendra Parsons, Tim Karr, Matt Essenmacher, Jeremy Klinkman.

Our West Michigan U.M. Conference Kalamazoo District prayer partner churches and pastors for the week of....

...March 6: Dowagiac:First with pastor Kel Penny III; Edwardsburg: Hope with pastor Jeff Reese; Fennville/Pearl with pastor Gary Peterson; Ganges with pastor Marcia Tucker.

...March 13: Glenn with pastor Harold Filbrandt; Gobles/Kendall with pastor John Brooks, Gull Lake with pastor Becca Wieringa; Hartford/Keeler with pastor Ryan Wenburg.

...March 20: Hinchman/Oronoko with pastor Linda Gordon; Hopkins/South Monterey with pastor Dominic Tommy; Kalamazoo: First with pastor Steve Charnley; Kalamazoo: Milwood pastor to be announced.

...March 27: Kalamazoo: Sunnyside with pastor Matt Weiler, Kalamazoo: Westwood with pastor Wayne Price; Lacota with pastor Michael Pinto; Lakeside with pastor George Lawton.

From our Mailbox:

From Char Fahrner: Dear Friends from CCUMC; Thank you to all who sent cards and did acts of kindness during my illness. Its nice to know there are people who care! Thanks also for the meals from Dorcas.


Newsletter: Yvonne Sherman (proof reading), Jon and Char Fahrner, Shirley Wisenbach, Judy Profit, and Janis Seeley.

Pew registries Dora Fobear

Recording attendance: Pam Burns

Folding bulletins: Janis Seeley

Stuffing envelopes: Shirley Wisenbach

Shoveling and blowing snow: Rod Sherman

Special Thank Yous ....

.... to Pam Burns, Lori Inbody and Connie Schwaderer for covering the church office while I (Linda Parrish) was away for two weeks.

....Bruce and Paula Gardner for the floor buffer and supplies.

The story of a pop can: The story started several years ago with Rod and Yvonne Sherman collecting returnables and turning that money in to help our Camp Fund.

Our Camp Fund pays 2/3rds of the camping fee for any child in our congregation being of camping age to attend one U.M camp of their choice. Then comes Ed Fox. The roadside gets littered by lots of things, but Ed, who walks most mornings, decided he’d walk with a purpose - one for his health and secondly, to keep the roadside neat and he’d turn the bottles into the church to benefit our camp fund! Now we are talking BIG garbage bags with hundreds of returnables. But the returnables’ story doesn’t end with that money just going to the camp fund. Judy Wallace collects aluminum tabs from aluminum cans to benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Ann Arbor. Sometimes it is Judy and sometimes Dailey Parrish who take off the aluminum tabs before they are taken to the Shermans or returned to a store. But the story still doesn’t end there .... our children get a Christian camping experience that will last them the rest of their lives! Thank you to all who bring bottles and cans.


Please add:

*Don and *Rita Green, 4069 Alexandria, C.C. 586-601-8802
*Madelyn Thick
to *Eric and Terra Thick

Thanks Be to God!



Scheduled Volunteers for March      Easter is March 27


Greeters Captain, Char Fahrner

 March 6  Dailey & Linda Parrish

            13    Bill & Jan Kritzman

            20    Dorothy Mantey/ Janet Muntz

            27    Gary & RuthAnn Wichert



March 6  Chris Allen

            13    Morris Powell

            20    Bruce Gardner

            27    Sherryl Seeley


Media Tech: Sound & Projection

March 6  Hank Janik

            13    Drew Markel

            20    Drew Markel

            27    Bruce Gardner 

Communion Steward

Sunday, March 6: RuthAnn Wichert

Maundy Thursday, March 27 @ 7pm:  Shirley Wisenbach



March 6  Heather Czekai

            13    Mariah Henne

            20    Tyler Czekai

            27    Drew Markel


Ushers: Captain: Stephanie Baker

   March 6




Altar Guild

March 6  Shirley Wisenbach

            13    Pat Greenwood

            20    Shirley Wisenbach

            27    Pat Greenwood


   March 6  Archie & Chris Allen





   March 6  Pam Burns


            20    Tanya Evans

            27    Tanya Evans


Lock Up

   March 6  Ted Furness

            13    Gary Wichert

            20    Ron Kittle

            27    Rod Sherman