"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden....let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven." -                                                                                -Jesus (Matthew 5:14-16)NIV


God Knows Everything but ...

        Your church likes to support you, especially during possible turning points in your life. Since these often involve a stay in the hospital, please be sure to call, or have someone call, the church (872-3422) or the parsonage (872-2945) to let us know about you.

        Please include the name of the hospital. We cannot count on the hospital to call - even if you tell them what church you attend. We want to be supportive so please call. Be sure to call whenever you want to talk with the pastor - whatever the reason.



Rev. Robert Garrett’s Memorial Service - former pastor
CCUMC -- Saturday, May 14 at 11:00am.

Linda’s Retirement Celebration, Sunday, May 15
Make plans to join us during worship and stay for a reception to follow.

Graduation Sunday, May 22 --10:30am Reception before Worship


Michigan Annual Conference   June 8 - 12 held at MSU

Rummage Sale - no televisions, please.

4:00-7:00pm Wednesday, June 15
9:00am - 3:00pm Thursday, June 16 with Bake Good Sale
9:00am to noon - Friday, June 17 $1.00 a bag



Our congregation has been blessed to have the "Dorcas Meal" for many years. Following a recent sermon about Dorcas additional people shared what they knew about our meal. It seems the beginnings can be traced even further than I thought. Apparently, during World War 2 (in the 1940's) when bandages were needed for the soldiers some of the women of the congregation began preparing bandages. The need for those eventually ceased. The women also made quilts some of which they gave away and some of which they used. Since the women were at the church during the noon meal they made and ate lunch there. Soon their husbands joined them for the meal and they started inviting persons who were single or would just enjoy the meal. No matter the details of the beginning of this meal we know we have been gifted a tradition of a meal which was started by those who made things for other people, shared a meal together and included others in that meal. We know at some point this meal gained the Biblical name "Dorcas." The only place Dorcas is mentioned in the Bible is Acts 9:36-43:

          "36 In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas); she was always doing good and helping the poor. 37 About that time she became sick and died, and her body was washed and placed in an upstairs room. 38 Lydda was near Joppa; so when the disciples heard that Peter was in Lydda, they sent two men to him and urged him, "Please come at once!" 39 Peter went with them, and when he arrived he was taken upstairs to the room. All the widows stood around him, crying and showing him the robes and other clothing that Dorcas had made while she was still with them. 40 Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said, "Tabitha, get up." She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up. 41 He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called for the believers, especially the widows, and presented her to them alive. 42 This became known all over Joppa, and many people believed in the Lord. 43 Peter stayed in Joppa for some time with a tanner named Simon." (New International Version -- I added the underline for emphasis.)

          While making `robes and other' things is not a direct part of this meal any longer `doing good and helping' so that many people may believe in the Lord is still at the heart of the meal. This meal takes many, many people and I am thankful for all of you: those who order the food, cook, make pies \ desserts, set up, serve, deliver and clean up to name some of the tasks.

          We recently had an open invitation meeting about this meal. Several people attended and others wanted to but were not able to attend. At that first meeting we talked about our mission as a United Methodist Church of `making disciples for the transformation for the world' and about Dorcas from the Bible and why we continue to serve this meal. We came up with a preliminary vision for the meal of "Showing God's Love to the Community." That is what we do at this meal - show God's love with good food, an opportunity to fellowship with others and for those who can't get out (including leave work to attend) we provide a hot, delivered meal. At the church there is always a prayer and an invitation to attend worship.

          At that meeting we also decided to invite everyone to a meeting once a month - the third Tuesday at 9 a.m. At this meeting we will discuss a variety of issues, starting with those identified at a second meeting that was held. We hope you can attend these meetings.

          We also hope all who help with Dorcas in anyway can attend a meeting after the May Dorcas meal so we can update everyone in person about what is happening and get your input. We know those who work during the day can't be there -but we hope the rest of you will be there!

          It takes all of us working together "Showing God's love to the Community."

See you Sunday In Christ, Pastor Jackie

(PS Please keep the General Conference of the UMC in prayer as they meet May 10-20)




dsc_9187.jpg               congrats_5707c.jpg

      Mandy Czekai                        Mason Erla

   2016macyseniorpic.jpg     jordan.jpg     2016keithseniorpic.jpg

   Macy Dickinson                       Jordan Kittle                    Keith Lounsbury


Group Highlights

United Methodist Women

Monday, May 2, the group will gather for a noon luncheon. Kathy Tuckey will be there with pictures of their recent trip down the Amazon River. All are welcome to attend.


March Report: Menu - Swiss Steak
         Total Meals Served: 154
         (Diners: 75; Take-outs: 79)
Deposit after expenses: $216.73

Menu for April 13: Baked Chicken
         Total Meals Served: 186
         (Diners: 94; Take-outs 92)
Deposit after expenses: $897.51

Menu for May 11: Lasagna

Please contact the following if you plan to help or have questions.

Pies and Desserts - Donna Adams - 872-3751
Meal preparation Tuesday/Wednesday
- Connie Schwaderer 872-2315
Setting tables/Serving and/or Delivery
- Sherryl Seeley - 872-2656


All Church Rummage and Bake Sale

Mark your calendar for the week of June13 and start cleaning out your closets! Please do not bring televisions. Volunteers are needed to start sorting and pricing items. The sale will begin on Wednesday, June 15 from 4 to 7pm. Thursday hours will be 9am to 3pm. Bake goods are needed for Thursday! Friday will be a $1.00 a bag from 9:00am to noon. Volunteers are also needed to help pack remaining items.

Please mark everything you put in the shed for the Rummage Sale! If you are bringing in fabric items, please have them in plastic tote (some totes may be found in the shed) or please keep it until the week of the rummage sale.

Vacation Bible School

          Mark your calendar for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, July 11,12 and 13! We will again join with Shabbona UMC for this Christian education event. It will be held at the Shabbona UM Church on Decker Road.

          Contact Lori Inbody if you have questions. Helpers will always be welcome.


Any items such as clothing, paper or fabric that are put in the large shed need to be in rodent-proof containers.

Please mark your items stored in the shed for the rummage sale – SALE.

Also needed for kitchen. A good used refrigerator that can be used for people renting the fellowship hall. The walk-in refrigerator will be locked. Anyone that has a refrigerator can contact Bruce Gardner or leave a message at the church.


Hi, Everyone!

          The VCI (Vital Church Initiative) Away Team continues to meet monthly with our leader, LuAnn Roarke. Communicating back to the congregation has been the big problem. Over the next month or two we are trying to have 2 members of our group attend committees and small groups of the church to explain VCI and answer any questions that you may have.

          The journey of VCI is a cumbersome thing at times. The group hopes that the people of the congregation will pray for us to help open our eyes and ears so that what we are being taught can be taught to you. The VCI team has learned that to be a successful church we need to think outwardly toward missions that everyone in our congregation can participate in -- be it through prayer, physical participation, or by devotional support.

          The mission statement of the United Methodist Church is: ‘Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.’ Through everyone’s participation, a small congregation like ours can do great things. We welcome anyone who has new ideas for mission work here in our community or outwardly like those who are involved with the Henderson Settlement in Kentucky. Service is the key concept in this vision.

          Thanks be to God,    Morris Powell

Baker/Kinnaird Memorial Scholarships

Educational Scholarships are available for members of CCUMC. Applicants will share equally in the proceeds set aside for this. The applications may be found in the kiosk near the pastor’s office door. You are eligible if you are a member of CCUMC, are enrolled in a college, university, seminary or trade school full-time and have not received a check more than four times.

Pick up your orange forms - fill them out and return them to the church office by July 15 to be included. The awards will be presented during worship in August.

United Methodist Giving Program

Where is your treasure? 
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 NRSV

General Administration Fund

United Methodists:
   implement a trustworthy system of administrative oversight and fiscal accountability;
   underwrite the legislative work of General Conference;
   fund the work of the Judicial Council to adjudicate questions of Church law
   maintain United Methodism’s official documents and historical artifacts; and
   designate historical shrines, landmarks and sites.

God's Plan

God has a plan for every life in Christ Jesus. What a wondrous truth . and yet how reasonable. Shall the architect draw the plans for his stately palace? Shall the artist sketch the outlines of his masterpiece? Shall the shipbuilder lay down the lines for his colossal ship? And yet shall God have no plan for the soul which he brings into being and puts "in Christ Jesus"? Surely he has.

Yea, for every cloud that floats across the summer sky, for every blade of grass that points its tiny spear heavenward, God has a purpose and a plan. How much more then, for you who are his own in Christ Jesus, does God have a perfect life plan.

                                                                                         -James McConkey

Minute *** Highlights ***

Board of Trustees 03-16-2016

--Discussed altar platforms. Listened to ideas. Tabled topic.
--Discussed parking lot estimate and other suggestions presented.
--Corrections made on rental form. Will bring back to committee before taking to Administrative Council.
--Overseers are Bruce Gardner, Suzie Chappel, Gary Wichert and Pam Powell.
--Discussed phone system issues.
--Agreed to spring treatment by Bee Line Pest Control.

Administrative Council 03-17-2016

     Sunday school will continue through May 22 and resume again in September.
Confirmation Class will be received on April 24.

     Approved Summer Worship Schedule beginning on Sunday, May 29 at 9:30am.

     Mission Committee’s Silent Auction raised $475. The coffee cake sale raised $372.  

     Dates for the Loons game were presented by Lori Inbody. July 9 was recommended.

     The Men’s Group will make a turnaround in Shirley Wisenbach’s yard so she doesn’t need to back out into Cemetery Road. The group will also go to the cleaning day at Bay Shore Camp.

     The Staff Parish Relations Committee announced that Linda Parrish has submitted a letter of retirement. It will be effective May 30, 2016. Her last day of work will be May 19. A sub-committee has formed to hire her replacement. A celebration of Linda’s 42 years employment will be held the Sunday before her last day of work. Barb Kirn will no longer be playing for services.

     The trustees have discussed not removing the top step of the altar. Looking into railings. They are getting estimates on fixing the parking lot.

     The U.M. Women announced that they will not be doing the strawberry social this year for the 4th of July Freedom Festival.

     Finance Committee recommended a cap on the mortgage fund of $3000; any surplus would make additional principal payments after the regular payment is made. They approved a format for full disclosure of finances in the newsletter but not to put it on-line. They accepted reinstating the First Fruits Form from 2004 to tithe from fund-raisers and added the word Conference before mission appointments. The Men’s Group gave $50 to the Flint water fund and the Mission Group also gave a tithe from both of the fundraisers.

     Cass City Clergy are planning another 4th of July community service.

     Treasurer’s Report: Things were going well so the Honeywell bill was paid and then when the snowplow bill came in funds were short. Dorcas helped with $3,800.

Board of Trustees 04-20-2016

--Correction to last month’s minutes: Altar platform motion was amended not tabled. More discussion on altar railings for the steps.

--Trustee chairperson will be the designated person to sign the food license renewal - yearly in April.

--Bacterial water tests are now done quarterly from sink #3 in the kitchen once it is sterilized.

– Rodents have ruined fabric items stored in the shed for the rummage sale - things must be kept in rodent proof containers.

--Beeline Pest control will be coming to spray outside.

–Will contact Mosquito Abatement about spraying the ditch to the north and for the Tailgate Party.

--Looked over list of maintenance items that Linda Parrish used to do or reminded others to do.

Disciples Needed

The greatest issue facing the world today, with all its heartbreaking needs, is whether those who, by profession or culture, are identified as “Christians” will become disciples — students, apprentices, practitioners — of Jesus Christ, steadily learning from him how to live the life of the kingdom of the heavens into every corner of human existence.

            —Dallas Willard, The Great Omission

Our Faithfulness




Sunday School






















Close to God

I can take my telescope and look millions and millions of miles into space. But I can lay it aside, go into my room, shut the door, get down on my knees in earnest prayer, and see more of heaven and get closer to God than I can assisted by all the telescopes and material agencies on earth.

                                             —Isaac Newton

Ladies’ Luncheon

Saturday, May 14
11am - 1pm
First United Methodist Church of Marlette
Salad Bar with Desserts
No Charge
Call for RSVP: 989-635-2075.

Guest Speaker: Mary Barnes - The Wheeler Trunk. She has researched its travels, including it surviving the fires of 1871 and 1881. This could be any Thumb homesteader’s family story - even yours!

Spring Work Bee

Bay Shore Camp
Saturday, April 30

All necessary tools and equipment provided and workers will receive a hot lunch in the Dining Hall. Wear your work clothes and meet at the maintenance shed to work both indoors and out. Contact the camp for more details about overnight camping. or call 989-883-2501.

26th Annual Father-Son Catfish Tournament

May 6 -7
Bay Shore Camp
Register ONLINE at

Maybe you’ll break last year’s winning record catfish (20.44 lbs.) Enjoy a quality devotional leader, laser tag, tomahawk throwing, great food and plenty of fishing.

“It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.”                   —Ethel Percy Andrus

Youth for Christ Benefit Auction

Saturday, June 25
Cass City Recreation Park

(Pigeon Benefit Auction is Saturday, July 16 at Pigeon Recreation Park at 8:30am.)
For more information call 989-453-3239 or 1-888-BL-THUMB
visit their website:

Women’s Health Retreat

Conquer Stress and Survive
Marlette Regional Hospital
Thursday, May 5
Marlette High School

6-8pm Vendor Booths
7-8pm Motivational Speaker: Diane Norris

Running Blind

          Years ago, I worked at a summer Bible camp with my cousin Erik. As an evening staff meeting concluded, a sprinkle suddenly became a downpour. Counselors sprinted off toward cabins, while Erik and I, who didn’t supervise youngsters, debated whether to wait out the storm.

          We opted to run for it, but being visually impaired, I soon realized the sheets of rain, added to the dark, hindered my view. “I can’t see!” I yelled through the wind to Erik. Immediately, he grabbed my hand, pulling me along. “It’s okay!” he shouted back. “I can!”

          The sensation of running blindly yet feeling so secure became a metaphor for me about what I can handle and accomplish through faith. When I let God grab my hand and guide me, even when I’m running through dark, stormy times, I experience peace. For though I cannot see what lies ahead, I know God can. —Heidi Mann

Caring and Sharing

Please keep this page available throughout the month for prayer needs and addresses.

Worth Remembering: When sending cards to people in the hospital - put that person's home address as the return address on the envelope! That way, should that person be moved or released, your thoughtful card will reach them without needing a new envelope and more postage.


– Charlene Garrett, Laura, Dennis, Bryan, Melissa and Cameron Hill, Robyn, Eddie and Sophia Williams, their family and friends on the death of Charlene’s husband, Rev. Robert Garrett, former pastor here. His memorial service will be held in our sanctuary on Saturday, May 14 at 11:00am.

– the family and especially friends here on the death of Elizabeth Stine.

– Clotile and Ray Fox, their family and friends on the death of Clotile’s mother, Helen Thompson.

– the family and friends here on the passing of Thelma “Bobbie” Churchill.

– Ted and Jan Furness, Dailey & Linda Parrish, their family and friends on the death of Ted’s nephew, Ted Lauria.

– the family and friends of the Rev. Joanne Bartelt, our former District Superintendent.

– Barb and Bob Wood, their family and friends on the passing of Barb’s sister, Joan Perez.


Pastor Jackie and our ministry here in Cass City and beyond, The Blue Water District with our D.S. Rev. Elizabeth A. Hill, The Detroit Annual Conference and West Michigan Conference working toward becoming the Michigan Area Conference, our bishop Rev. Deborah Kiesey and The United Methodist Church.

Our shut-ins at this time: Ann Milligan, Ed and Judy Profit, Marilyn Morgan, Rick Dillon.

Northwood Meadows, 6086 Beechwood, C.C.: Marv Hobart, Spike Pomeroy, Vera Nicol, Joan D. Merchant, Ron Geiger, Charlene Garrett, Delynn Bockstanz.

Medilodge,4782 Hospital Dr., C.C.: Nancy Hutchinson

Satchell’s Retirement Home, 2662 E. Caro Rd., Caro 48723: Dorothy Knight

Huron Co. Medical Care, 1116 Van Dyke Rd., Bad Axe, MI 48413: Maxine Profit

Current Issues: Sherryl Seeley, Donna Langmaid (daughter-in-law of Connie & Gil Schwaderer), Dennis Hill (teeth extractions), Sue Sorenson (former custodian with health issues), Don Haskin (brother-in-law of Bruce & Paula Gardner following successful open heart surgery.)

   Our Vital Church Initiative Team

Those facing or living with cancer and treatments: Steve Fobear, Calvin Kilmer (cirrhosis of the liver - Barb Kirn’s father), Mary Zimmerman, Jeannie (Russell) Tobias (cousin of Rick Dillon,) Joan Chapin (Dr. Bob Green’s sister - cancer), Laura Whittaker (chemo -sister-in-law of Nick Chappel), Wanda friend of Donna Adams, Marilyn Lautner [Melody Frankowski’s mother], Suzanne Dillon, Julie Patterson, Kathy Tait (daughter-in-law of Dolly Misch), Gary Casey (friend of Leah Sherman Renner), Denise Jones (Leukemia- daughter-in-law of Gary & Doris Jones), Trish Ebner (niece of Donna Adams), Debbie Fastbender (friend of Yvonne Greer), Ron Zottneck (cousin of Donna Adams).

Others: Margaret Czekai [dialysis], Shirley Wisenbach, Gerald and Donna Auten, Dolly Misch, Esther Guinther, Don & Anita Loomis, Ruth Wichert, Roy & Shirley Wagg, Kevin Wagg, Esther Powell (Morris Powell’s mother), Agnes Erla (Chuck Erla’s mother - health issues), Dr. Paul Lockwood (following a stroke)

Service People: Ethan Damm, Curtis Dickinson, Jeffery Hanselman, Marc Inbody, Mike Furness, Kendra Parsons, Tim Karr, Matt Essenmacher, Jeremy Klinkman.

From our Mailbox:

From Steve Fobear: I just wanted to write you all and thank you so much for the prayer quilt, cards, gas money, pizza, phone calls and prayers. It seems that some do not know what I have, so I thought that I would give you a brief  outline.

          I have what is known as a stage 4 lymphoma. A stage 3 means that the cancer has spread to multiple areas in your body and a stage 4 means it has also invaded the bone marrow. This cancer is non operable and non curable. However, it is very manageable. I am on a 3 toxin chemotherapy

that will last into the first part of July, The medicine is the most aggressive that they can give. There is an option for less aggressive treatment but the doctor said I can handle this one because of a strong heart. I will know sometime in the first part of May how the treatment is affecting the cancer.

          I have had no side effects whatsoever except tired/fatigue. However, the head doctor [DR. DORA] said this too will go away if I drink my BOOST everyday!!!!

THANK YOU ALL – Steve Fobear

From the family of Ralph Chapman: Thank you again to the ladies of the church who prepared our luncheon. It was delicious and we appreciate it.


Newsletter: Yvonne Sherman (proofing), Judy Profit, Janis Seeley, Pam Burns, Libby Venema, and Dailey Parrish,

Pew registries: Dora Fobear

Recording attendance: Pam Burns

Folding bulletins: Janis Seeley

Easter Breakfast: Keith Czekai and family for cooking and all those who donated food.

Easter Drama and Services: All who participated and attended.

Pulling weeds and spring clean-up: Suzie and Dr Paul Chappel.

For shoveling and blowing snow: Rod Sherman and Mick Kirn.

Office sitting: Ted Sheldon.

Overseeing cleaning: Char and Jon Fahrner

A Special Thank You to the following people for their time shared with us:

--Barb Kirn taking leave as our pianist,

--Paula Gardner taking leave as Financial Secretary,

--Archie Allen taking leave from Finance Committee chairperson and mortgage fund chairperson, and

--Chris Allen leaving the Recording Secretary of Administrative Council now that she is our Financial Secretary.

2016mayweb.gifPlease change Andy Bogart to the following: *Andy Veneziano, *Alexis Bogart-Veneziano, *Aidan Bogart, *Evan Bogart.

Following Confirmation on Sunday, April 24, please add the following to church membership: Brent Baker, Brad Baker, Macy Dickinson, Lauren Dickinson, Mason Erla, Jordan Kittle and Konnar Warren.

Prayerfully remove Rev. Bob Garrett, Elizabeth Stine, Bobbie Churchill and Helen Thompson.

“Saying: Farewell!”

With mixed emotions, having completed forty-two years of newsletters, bulletins, projection, minutes, and many other things, I am saying thank you for the opportunity to have served you and the church in ways I could have never imagined in May of 1974.

I began working with Rev. E.D.K. Isaccs. I have served though ten full-time pastorates and three part-time situations (and this will surprise some...) within both of our former congregations at the same time, including a pastoral exchange from England one summer. It has been a privilege to get to know the pastors.


I was prepared to do this job having earned an Associate’s Degree from Northwood Institute. I started out with a manual typewriter, inky stencils on a hand operated mimeograph machine and a rotary dial phone - 6 hours a week at $2.00 an hour. Somewhere along the line, the job saving devise of a computer was introduced! I kicked, I cried, I screamed! (Gee, I think this just happened this past Holy Week!) But the future was set: I read those thick manuals to computers, programs and electronic equipment! Surely, I must be a technological wizard by now!! And all this was before the Internet came along and found me instantly connected to the world! From reports done in quadruple in carbon packets to filling out forms to be sent through the air!! Am I dreaming?

For many years, the congregation knew they had a secretary but I was really shy. So shy that many folks thought I was a (strange) visitor. But hiding in plain sight wasn’t in God’s plan for me. I’ve dabbled in most tasks about the church. Not everything happened while I was sitting at my desk. Sometimes it was crawling under it to straighten cords or climbing to get to things that tall people stored away! Some things fell inside my job description while others did not - lay speaking for one. God led me to lay speaking, from crawling in and out of spaces most others wouldn’t go to standing at the pulpit, where I was definitely out of my comfort zone. What a ride it has been!

This position gave me a special connection to the congregation. I knew everyone by face, name and phone number! This grew difficult for a time when the churches merged, but I eventually caught up. I recall names, many voices, and faces (except those twin Baker boys!) but phone numbers are fading now with speed dial and cell phones. I have had the opportunity to be with some from the congregation during their time of loss or at a death, given hugs where needed, and of course was able to share in the happiness of newborn children, grandchildren and other joyous occasions. And on the opposite, I received comfort and kind words when events in my life made me the needy one.

I have no particular plans for retirement other than to do something useful every day. So much church business has been stored in my head. I’ve been trying to pass it on to the appropriate committees. It will take some time getting used to not hearing: “Linda! Do you know where, what, why, when .....?”

I am excited to relinquish my duties to the new Administrative Assistant, Tanya Evans! What has become old and routine for me will now be given new vitality. I will be excited to see Tanya blossom! I am confident that you will show her the same love, patience, and support you have shown me over the years.

Praise and thanks be to our God!     Fondly and forever, Linda Parrish


Scheduled Volunteers for


Greeters Captain: Pam Burns

May 1   Dan & Courtney Nelson 

        8    Don & Eunice Kaufman

      15    Roy & Kathy Tuckey

      22    Jack & Lois Gallagher

      29    (9:30am)Deb Robinson & Dave Block



May 1   Paula Gardner 


      15    Yvonne Sherman

      22    Andy Bogart

      29    (9:30am) Chris Allen



Media Tech: Sound & Projection

May 1   Bruce Gardner

        8    Bruce Gardner

      15    Brent Baker

      22    Brent Baker

      29 (9:30am) Drew Markel


Communion Steward

Sunday, May 1: Mary Jane VanVliet

Ushers: Captain: Kathy Tuckey

May 1   Roy & Kathy Tuckey

        8    Shirley Wisenbach/Connie Schwaderer

      15    Bill & Shirley Zinnecker

      22    Henk & Margreet deVor

      29    (9:30am) Roy & Kathy Tuckey



Acolyte If you would like to be an acolyte, please talk to Pastor Jackie

 May 1   Mariah Henne

        8    Tyler Czekai

      15    Drew Markel

      22    Gary Janik

      29    (9:30am) Clay Evans


Altar Guild

(Altar Cloth: Red for May 15, White for 22nd, Green for May 29)

May 1   Shirley Wisenbach

        8    Barb Tuckey

      15    Eunice Kaufman & Dorothy Mantey

      22    Barb Tuckey

      29    Eunice Kaufman & Dorothy Mantey


May 1   Bruce & Paula Gardner

        8    Morris & Pam Powell



      29 Monroe Family



May 1 


      15    Tanya Evans

      22    Tanya Evans



Lock Up

May 1   Rod Sherman

        8    Mick Kirn

      15    Ted Furness

      22    Gary Wichert

      29    Ron Kittle





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