"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden....let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven." --Jesus (Matthew 5:14-16)NIV




Wednesday, October 12
is the
Dorcas TURKEY Dinner



          If you have a moment to spare, your help will be appreciated!! Starting on Monday, October 10, this time, workers are welcome to start food prep and set up. We are needing about 60 pies - PLEASE contact Connie if you can bring in pie(s)! It takes a whole church to put this meal on. There is a place for you - each day - or whatever time you can share. Some folks work all three days so maybe you can be one to come in after the meal and give a hand with clean up.



Flu Shot Clinic

Wednesday, October 12 from 11:30am to 1:00pm
in our Nursery Room.
This is open to the community. Medical Part B are free -ll others are $25.00

A& D Home Care has had a nurse at each of our monthly dinners to take free Blood Pressure checks. Everyone is invited to take advantage of this service. Before the dinner, A & D Home Care will start with a Flu Shot Clinic about 11:30am. Shots will continue after dinner until everyone wanting a flu shot has received one or 1:00pm. Those having Medicare Part B will receive free flu shots, all others will cost $25.00. This is open to the community so if you hear of anyone needing or wanting a flu shot, please let them know about this date.





          The following came to me via e-mail: A Sunday school teacher asked her children as they were on the way to church service, 'And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?' One bright little girl replied, 'Because people are sleeping.' 
          I hope that is not true at Cass City United Methodist Church. Most Sunday’s I notice no, or few, people sleeping during worship?
         Children are important to Jesus. In Luke 18:16 we read, ‘16 But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’
        Children are also important to us at CCUMC. With this in mind we offer Sunday school for all ages. (Please let us know if someone younger than 3 will be coming so we can be sure to have someone in the nursery.) We are also planning some ‘KIDZ’ days’ – the first is planned for Sunday, November 13 right after worship. Be sure to watch for more information on these.
        Worship is open to all. However, we also offer some other opportunities during worship. You likely know we have a children’s message each week. After this time, on most Sundays, we have ‘children’s church’. This is a time of a Bible story geared to children and may include activities such as a craft and\or games. This is for children from kindergarten through 3rd grade. This will not meet on the Sundays we have communion and occasionally on Sundays that it is believed the children will really benefit from worship (such as our recent Rally Day service). Older children need to be in worship.
       The nursery is open during the whole worship service, though children may go after the children’s time. The nursery is staffed by caring, approved people. (Thanks to the United Methodist Women for their support.) This is for children up to age four. There is also a ‘cry room’ near the south entrance. This room has a glass window and sound so you can see and hear the service. It also has chairs, including rocking chairs in it, a changing station, and a bathroom.
      We also have children’s bulletins available. These provide paper\pencil activities, usually related to the gospel lesson for the day. Remember, children, please don’t bother anyone during worship looking for help. Do what you can on your own, then ask for help when you get home.
       The ages\ grades of our children’s programs have changed. And can change but please let someone involved with these ministries, or me, know of the need. We will re-consider, remembering the vast age\ability levels with which we have to deal.
Remember, worship is open to all. Many of us actually enjoy the occasional sounds of even young infants.
  In Christ,

                                                     Pastor Jackie

P.S.  For those following my dental work: On September 12, I had a new post put in where the previous one had failed. As of September 22 the oral surgeon believes I will be in the 97% that is a success. So, now I wait at least five months while that post adheres stronger to the bone. In mid-February, (I may do it later) I should get the final ‘okay’ from the surgeon to continue the process of dental implants. Thank you for all your support and concern through this process. I will let you know what happens.



If you want to car pool to this important new step for our Blue Water District, please contact the office. Pastor Jackie is planning on attending the session in Argyle on Sunday, October 23 at 4:00pm. 
Check out our Conference website:

group dor

Group Highlights


Meal Statistics for September 14:
Menu: Roast Pork
Total Meals Served: 220
(Guests: 127; Take-Outs: 65; Helpers: 28)
Deposit after expenses: $1211.73
Weather: Nice fall day about 700

Menu for October 12:



          Set time aside during the week of October 10 - 11 and 12th to give a hand for the Big Turkey Dinner! Check with Eleanor and Connie to see how you may help. Workers start about 9:00am each day and are usually done by noon. Of course following the dinner, a few rested helpers will be greatly appreciated to get everything back to normal. PLEASE let Connie know if you can provide a pie or two! Thank you!

This meal is open to the community.  The family-style meal is served right at noon.  The meal includes all you can eat with your beverage and one dessert for $7.00.  Extra desserts are $1.00 each.  Take outs and delivery are available by calling 872-4604



     Monday, October 4, the UMW will resume their noon luncheons. Group 3, with co-hostesses Sherryl Seeley and Judy Profit, will prepare and serve the meal.

      All ladies of the church are welcome and invited to attend this and all meetings.

     The ladies are needing the addresses for college students and those in the service as Goodie Boxes will be prepared at next month’s meeting. This would be a good time to start getting items together. Some suggestions are: individual sized drink mixes like cocoa, spiced cider, flavored teas and coffee, cereal packets, pudding and fruit cups, instant soups, and single service mac and cheese, microwave- able popcorn packets, candy treats, gum. There will be a box in the north hallway closet for your donations.



17th Annual Bazaar & Lunch

Correction:  Saturday, November 5 from 8:00am to 3:00pm


Shirley Wisenbach is willing to make children’s pajamas. If you have pajama type fabric in 2 - 3 or 4 yard pieces, she would love to get started on them. Get your fabric to Shirley or drop it off in the church office.

Straw Draw: Michelle Erla is looking for new to gently used items for men, women, teens and children. This area is VERY popular! Tools, wallets, manicure kits, sporting items for fishing and hunting are some ideas. Ladies usually go for the candle sets, decorations, make ups, stationery, pens and household gadgets. Teens: sporting paraphernalia and school mugs & shirts, jewelry, flash drives, MP3 type accessories like ear buds, combs, funny shoe laces, etc. Children: toys, hair accessories, jewelry. You may put your items in the brown box in the north hallway closet marked: Straw Draw.

Needing lots of baked goods, especially diabetic treats which go like lightening! There will be a Cookie Walk. Cookies are easily done ahead of time, so get yours ready now and put them in the freezer!

NEW THIS YEAR: Our quilting group got together at a northern retreat and worked up a storm of beautifully colored bags, microwave bags for making baked potatoes, glass cases and quilted holiday table runners. I’m sure these will go quickly!

If you would like to help or have new ideas to share, contact Michelle Erla and Pam Powell.


God knows everything ...
                           but I don't

Your church likes to support you, especially during possible turning points in your life. Since these often involve a stay in the hospital, please be sure to call, or have someone call, the church or the parsonage to let us know about you. Please include the name of the hospital. You cannot count on the hospital to call - even if you tell them what church you attend. We can't be supportive if we don't know - so please call. Be sure to call whenever you want to talk with the pastor - whatever the reason.


New Communion Cloths

How do we keep fragile items beautiful? By lovingly following directions delicate items will remain in pristine condition for years!

Care for Communion Cloths
•If stained, soak in diluted Oxi Clean [Do Not Rub]
•Gently hand wash in mild soapy water. [Do Not Wring]
•Rinse thoroughly, gently squeeze out excess water.
•Roll in a terry towel, squeeze again.
•Drape on a hanger or drying rack until dry.
•Spray both sides with Magic Spray Sizing.
•Iron right side down on a terry towel.
•Return cloths to the storage case.

A special “Thank You!” to Pat O’Donohue for making our lovely new communion cloths. Glory be to God for Pat’s talent and sharing that with us in this way!



Remember to look for this coupon on many of the food, kitchen items and cleaning supplies you purchase. We want to help our Campbell School get needed supplies and equipment. You don’t need to buy anything special, but take the time to look for the little coupon on items you may have. There is an expiration date on each one. There is a box near the Nursery Room for your coupons.



A Community ReSale Shoppe is thriving right here in Cass City! The Shoppe is open to the public. The pricing is great, too! $2.00 a bag for all you can stuff in it. Of course, they do have larger items for sale which have their own pricing.

There has been some misunderstanding about who may shop at the store on the corner of Main and West Streets. The answer is:

Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Tuesdays 1-5pm
Thursdays 1-3pm
Fridays 9am-1pm
3rd Saturday of each month 9am to noon

Donations of good, gently used items are always welcome. You will find that there are no items in the Shoppe that are stained, torn or broken. Stop by and check it out yourself!

There is a two-part ministry addressing food needs.
1. The Food Pantry – held the third Saturday of each month from 10 to 11am, due to space and resources, is limited to those living in the Cass City School District – and follows the USDA Food Guidelines. The food is for people and families with income restrictions. Emergency food help is available by contacting Revive at 989-872-4836.
2. The Mobile Food Pantry, which is open to everyone, no questions asked - just bring your own boxes. It is held at various locations and dates. In October the Mobile Food Pantry will be held in conjunction with the Health Fair in Caro.

Revive’s mission statement is Communicating to the Community that Jesus transforms lives.

A Fall Fund-raising Banquet will be held on Thursday, October 27 at the Cass City United Methodist Church. The cost to sponsor a table is $100 and you will receive tickets for eight people. Contact Brooke Mallory (989) 325-2672 or Jaime Fritz at 989-872-4836. The doors open at 6pm with the meal served at 6:30pm.

Our participation is much like ours in the Community Thanksgiving Dinner which was a mission idea of St. Pancratius. Revive began as an invitation from the Cass City Missionary Church to all area churches to come together to revive Cass City. From the beginning, they have encouraged people from the community to share in this vision for our area. If you would like to get involved, contact Laura Hill for any other information. She’d love to have you join her there!


Pass on the word of encouragement in an honest compliment ....
Pass on the look of encouragement in a generous smile ....
Pass on the touch of encouragement in a hearty handshake ....
Pass on the kindness of encouragement in a thoughtful deed ....
And let the encouragement of Christ flow through you.
   giv                                                                                                                               Newsletter Newsletter, Canton, OH 10'10


United Methodist Giving Program

Where is your treasure?
           “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
                                                                                        Matthew 6:21 NRSV

WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY, the first Sunday in October, supports World Communion Scholarship, the Ethnic Scholarship Program and the Ethnic In-Service Training Program. One scholarship recipient is “determined not to let anything stop my drive to succeed. I could not afford to be in college today if I did not receive scholarships through my church, my family and my community.” A World Communion Bulletin insert with an envelope will be provided for your donation on Sunday, October 2 at our service at 11:00am. Please be sure to put your name on the envelope if you want to receive credit for it on your statement.



For Your Information:

Sunday, November 6 is All Saints Sunday. Kranz Funeral Home will be holding their Annual “Service of Remembrance” at 3:00pm.



Fall at Bay Shore Camp

Scrapbooker’s Retreat: It’s all about scrapbooking on October 14 - 16. Devotional Leader is Rita Mumford. Cost is $140. Early-bird start (after 10am on Friday - bring your own lunch- supper provided.) - $25.

Christian Women Quilter’s Retreat at Bay Shore, October 21-23. Devotional Leader: Laura Nowlen.

See Kiosk for flyer/registration forms or call 989-883-2501 or


Minute Highlights

Finance Committee: August 9, 2011

--Discussed the Baker/Kinnaird Scholarship Fund. In order to keep the principal amounts intact, it was agreed to have 3.5% of the total amount of each scholarship fund be given annually to members of the church who are attending college full-time and apply. A cap of $500 was set for each applicant.
--Trying to be the best stewards of gifts to the church, the gift from Retta Charter of 204 shares of Entergy Stock, was examined. They found it no longer beneficial to continue as it has been. The Committee approved transferring the stock to the United Methodist Foundation. It will be named: Retta Charter Decoration Fund. [This is in keeping with her wishes that income from this fund be used for enhancing our worship experience.]

Special Meeting
Administrative Council and Finance: August 22, 2011

--The Administrative Council and Finance Committee met to take a closer look at our commitment to pay our apportionment dollars first, which we have done to this point. In maintaining our faith in God's provisions, the Ad. Council decided to tithe 10% of our monthly General Fund Offerings -- giving back to God through apportionment dollars -- from our `first fruits'. Our goal, with everyone's faithful giving, is still to pay our apportionments in full.

Board of Trustees: September 8, 2011
--Held their meeting at the parsonage and found the work done last year in good condition.
--The hood over the stove at the parsonage needs replacing. A new refrigerator was purchased and installed there also.
--Gary Jones and Ted Furness will work on repairing the small shed at the church. Bob Wood will put shelving in the Mechanical Room.



Our Annual Charge Conference is Saturday, November 12 at noon. Everyone is invited to this brief meeting. This is also the day of our Community Lunch, served between 11:00am and 1:00pm. Why not make it special with lunch before or after the Conference? SPRC will meet with our District Superintendent, Rev. Bartelt at 11:30am.


Our Lay Leadership Committee will be praying about and seeking folks to fill leadership positions for 2012. In helping you know what you are being asked to do, this year we have booklets outlining each position. They will be available soon. Prayerfully look over the opportunities available. People who know the tasks ahead can make better decision on how to serve God through our congregation.         

             cook   this

This 'n That

Cooking For Crowds
**Tuesday, November 1 from 1-4pm**

Would you be interested in attending a seminar - here at CCUMC - presented by MSU Extension on Cooking for Crowds? “Cooking for Crowds” is designed for non-profit groups that cook food for the public as part of food events or fundraisers. Participants will learn to prevent the conditions during planning, purchasing, storage, preparation and service that may lead to a foodborne illness outbreak. We have an opportunity to have it held here if we can get about 10 people willing to attend. And, we like the idea of having it here so we can see first hand how we should be doing things with our own equipment. The cost is $10 per person and the seminar is three hours. We don’t have a date until we find if we have enough folks interested. If you know of someone from another church or institution that does “Cooking for Crowds”, give them this information and an invitation to attend. If you prepare meals here, we encourage you to take advantage of this seminar. Contact Connie Schwaderer if you would like to attend.


FREE Housing Counseling through HDC. If you are struggling to make your payment, getting misleading info from your lender, unable to pay your property taxes and more, call 989-672-1799 to make an appointment with Kelli Dreger. She is a State certified counselor. This is open to Tuscola, Lapeer, Sanilac and Huron Counties.

"Faith, like light, should always be simple and unbending; while love, like warmth, should beam forth on every side and bend to every necessity of our brethren."
                                                                              -Martin Luther

“No man ever got very high by pulling other people down…. Don’t knock your friends. Don’t knock your enemies. Don’t knock yourself.”
                                                                              —Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Latin phrase Ecclesia semper reformanda est means “The church is always reforming”; implied is “And that’s good!”

Ongoing change and growth are important for individuals, too, but for many of us, change is hard. Use this prayer poem to embrace positive change, safe in the arms of our unchanging God.

Cradle to grave —
How shall my life flow?
Always the same,
Never daring to grow? Since
GOD is the same, always faithful and near,
I’m free to move forward in spite of my fear. So…
Naming the Lord as my Power through strife, I
Go forth braving newness — in faith and in life!
                                                                            —Heidi Mann
                                                                                                                               Newsletter Newsletter, Canton, OH 10-‘11

“God is in the business of taking old pieces of our lives, refinishing them and, at just the right time, surprising us with newfound beauty.”
                                                                          —Susan Duke
photo quilt

Photo Gallery

Quilters’ Retreat at the Monroe Cottage at Higgins Lake

From top: Judy Wallace, Sherryl Seeley, Yvonne Sherman, Ardis Monroe, Melody Frankowski and Deb Elliott with beautiful views of the woods and lake.
Photographer: Connie Schwaderer.


Mission Dinner and Program with Rev. Paul Webster and Andre` from Zambia.      9-22-2011

Rev. Webster from Mujila Falls
Agricultural Project - a United
Methodist Mission



Shirley & Ron Geiger chat with
Project Manager, Andre` along with
Lynn and Dallas Rabideau before dinner.


Andre` and Mission Chairperson, Barb Kirn, Rev. Webster, Dora Fobear & Laura 
Hill. Barb was presented with a
necklace from Zambia.

Pastor Jackie, Lynn & Dallas Rabideau, Rev. Webster, Dorothy Knight, Connie Schwaderer, Andre`.


Caring and Sharing

         Our sympathies to Carol and Bill Erhlich, Janis, Sherryl and Brian Seeley, other family members and friends on the passing of Carol’s mother, Clara Seeley.

         We extend our sympathy to Maurice Joos and his family on the passing of a cousin, Gerald Kercher.

        We rejoice with Steve and Connie Gillett on the birth of their son, Enoch James, born on August 5 in Marion, IN. Enoch weighed 6 pounds and was 19 inches long. Just a few weeks before his arrival, their 7th adopted child arrived, a girl named, Angelica. Clarence and Opal Schneeberger are the proud grandparents sharing this news.
      The arrival of Jordan Michael White was announced by his great-grandmother, Donna Adams. He was born to her granddaughter, Nicole, on September 5 weighing 10 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches long.

♥ Pastor Jackie and our ministry here in Cass City and beyond, The Blue Water District with Rev. Joanne Bartlet, D.S., The Detroit Annual Conference and our Bishop, Jonathan Keaton, The United Methodist Church world-wide including the Mujila Falls Project with Rev. Paul Webster and Project Manager, Andre`.

Current Issues ♥Maurice Joos (hospice) ♥ Harland Lounsbury [gallbladder -going to VA Hospital] ♥ Pam Burns [health] ♥Aaron Anthes [health issues - brother of Linda Parrish], ♥Nancy Hutchinson [awaiting shoulder surgery] ♥ Lee Smith [health issues - Yvonne Sherman’s father]

Those facing or living with cancer and treatments: ♥Rev. Clifford Randall [St. Peter Lutheran Church of Unionville], ♥Janice Wright (sister-in-law to Shirley Wisenbach - surgery and cancer treatment.) ♥ Denise Jones [Leukemia] ♥Suzanne Dillon, ♥Tim Knight (Dorothy Knight's son), ♥Julie Patterson, ♥Angie Garcia (friend of Riggs & Darlene Bedford .

Others: ♥ Margaret Czekai and Clarke Cummings (Caren Clara's brother) [dialysis], ♥ Donna Auten, ♥ Elaine Proctor, ♥ Dolly Misch [back problems] ♥ Dorothy Knight,, ♥Ann Milligan ♥Rev. Bob & Charlene Garrett, ♥ Marilyn Morgan, ♥Lucille Copeland, ♥ Dale Damm, ♥ Esther Guinther, ♥Maxine Profit, ♥ Leola Retherford, ♥ Barney Hoffman, ♥ Anthony Opiola [friend of Roger Parrish with severe asthma and COPD], ♥ Don Loomis ♥ Dick Hendrick ♥ Stanley Morell, ♥Joan Merchant [severe arthritis] ♥Norma Fisher (stroke)

Tendercare, 4782 Hospital Dr., C.C.:
Don Buehrly, Elizabeth Stine, Janet Francis (recuperation).
Northwood Meadows, 6086 Beechwood, C.C.:
Lois Bockstanz, Fritz Pomeroy, Marv Hobart, Tom Proctor.
Kings' Daughters, 2410 Rodd St., Midland, MI 48640:
Dorothea Quick.
TimberLine Lodge, 3771 Colwood, Caro:
Betty Scofield.
Rosemary Gallaway (Box 95, Port Sanilac, MI 48469 - pulmonary fibrosis)
Maurice Joos (11320 Highridge, Independence, MO 64052)
Service People: Krystee Dorland-Draper (GA) & her husband Curtis Draper (KA) Jeffery Hanselman (TX), Marc Inbody (Korea), Josh Sherman (NC), Mike Furness (MO)Kendra Parsons (DC), Tim Karr (WA), Matt Essenmacher (Pentagon), Aaron Dorland (Afghanistan).

From Campbell Staff: Dear United Methodist Church, Campbell Elementary would like to thank you for your generous donations of school supplies. Items like this are always needed and we appreciate you thinking about our students.
From Brian & Lisa Hibdon: Thank you for your thoughtfulness, kind words and prayers. The outpouring of love shown for our family has been overwhelming. We were so happy to have Brooke with us, even if it was only for a short time. She was, and still is, much loved and shall live on forever in our hearts. {Another card} The above message plus: Dear Ladies, Thank you for the wonderful funeral meal.
From Pam Burns: Dear UMW Ladies, Thank you for the pretty yellow carnations. They really brightened the days. Also for all the cards, prayers and visits. Hope to be back in church soon!
From Jon and Char Fahrner: Dear United Methodist Women, Thanks so much for the beautiful flower arrangement honoring our 50th anniversary!
From Linda Stec [Third Grade Teacher]: Dear Methodist Church Members, Thank you so much for the supplies for Campbell Elementary School. It was needed and very much appreciated. In these hard economic times the needs are growing in our own communities. I am thankful that your church saw that need and stepped up to help out. So often churches think the only mission fields are across an ocean forgetting about their own neighbors. Thanks again and may God bless you for your giving.
From Bill Zinnecker: CCUMC, I would like to thank you all for your concerns, prayers and cards during my recent hospital stay. Special thanks to Rev. Jackie for her phone calls, visits and prayers. I still do not know what the problem is but it seems it is not my heart, which is good news. Again, thanks to all for everything.
From Dorothea Quick: I am well except I am losing my vision. I can see to get around and am thankful for that. Thank you for the cards and letters on my 90th birthday. My daughter, my grandson and his wife gave me a wonderful party for many friends. My great-grandson, Easton - one year old - was a great help, also. Thanks again. God bless. Love Dorothea.
To Those Who Contributed: From Rev. Clare and Louine Patton: To our Bay Shore “Angels”: As I reminisce about the few days Clare and I were privileged to spend at the Bay Shore Centennial Family Camp, I have wondered how I could possibly express our thanks to those who made this trip possible, since I have no idea who were the ones who contributed in any way toward what was a true “Gift from God.”
I do not know if we were able to personally express our delights to you in person so I am using this avenue to attempt to put into words our appreciation for what you have done. We were cared for so lovingly and so well; our every need was met. This trip, which we could never have undertaken on our own, became a fulfilled dream for Clare and for me. We both missed the fellowship and spiritual blessing of Bay Shore and Clare especially longed to see the completed renovation of the dining hall, for which he had drawn plans several years ago. What a joy it was to share in his delight at seeing that dining hall: for the chance to renew friendships with so many dear people; to join in the worship and feel the presence of God: to see the reminders of the rich heritage of Bay Shore; and to observe the growth that God is continuing to give.
An added blessing was seeing Clare’s brother and sister, who live near Sault Ste. Marie – something we thought would not be possible until we meet in eternity. Neither of them is in the best of health, but their families made concerted effort to get them to a mini-reunion held on Saturday at Patton Lodge.
The words seem inadequate but all we can say is a heartfelt “Thank You” for your part in providing this memorable experience. God bless you as you continue in service to him.

Thanks to our helpers:

Newsletter: Yvonne Sherman (proofing: ideally she would be the last step before going to print but many times articles are added after her checking that timing doesn’t allow for another checking and you may find my typos. I truly appreciate my proofers. -LP), Judy Profit, Janis Seeley, Pastor Jackie, Marge Dickinson
Pew registries: Dora Fobear
Recording attendance: Marge Dickinson
Folding Bulletins: Janis Seeley
Cleaning in Garden: Suzanne Chappel
Mopping hall: Pam Powell, Dr. Mallory Powell-Wilkins,
Cleaning the grease trap in the kitchen: Rod Sherman, Gerald Auten and finishing up Shirley Wisenbach
Fixing the shed floor: Ted Furness and Gary Jones ( see picture on page 8.)
Making new communion cloths: Pat O’Donohue (see picture & cleaning instructions at this link.)
Cleaning Crew: Thank you for keeping our church neat and presentable every week! Volunteers are always welcome. See Char!
Lawn Mowing Crew:  Mick Kirn, Gary Jones, Dr. Paul Chappel, Doug and Ardis Monroe, Don Ball, Morgan and Mason Erla, Dan and Curtis Dickinson, Sherryl and Brian Seeley.

Thank You to our Helpers
Thanks Be to God!


Our Faithfulness these past weeks:


Worship / S.S

General     Bldg



2258.19   330.00



4313.02   361.00


116           50

2439.01   605.00


  99           39

2952.50   216.00

Camping: 130.00
Good Samaritan: 155.00
Deposited in Building Fund: 1752.27- Strawberry Social & Rummage Sale
Hall Rent: 85.00
Blocks: 140.00
Stamps: 5.00
Mujila Falls Project: 151.00


     Budget   Aug-11 Jan-Aug 2011
Spent Last Month Spent to Date
   Connectional Ministry & Adm. 7,433.00 0.00 5920.00
   Conference Council on Ministry 3,743.00 0.00 0.00
   World Service 2,516.00 0.00 0.00
   General Church Administration 275.00 0.00 0.00
   Ministerial Education Fund 850.00 0.00 0.00
   Black College Fund 339.00 0.00 0.00
   Africa University 76.00 0.00 0.00
   Interdenominational Cooperation Fund 66.00 0.00 0.00
   Christian Education Sunday (asking) 80.00 0.00 0.00
   Youth Service Fund (asking) 20.00 0.00 0.00
   District Mission Fund 1,231.00 0.00 1231.00
   District Council on Ministries 576.00 0.00 576.00
             Total Apportionments 17,205.00 0.00 7727.00
Operating Expenses
   Church Maintenance and Repairs 9,000.00 2642.50 3076.47
   Parsonage Maintenance and Repairs 500.00 1144.00 3064.38
   Insurance 4,800.00 415.46 4684.24
   Church Utilities 27,000.00 815.23 15575.99
   Snow Removal 1,200.00 250.00 1615.00
   Kitchen Supplies 4,500.00 0.00 2513.49
   Office Supplies 4,400.00 361.31 2844.08
   Copier Lease/Maintenance 1,000.00 87.50 699.66
   Misc. 100.00 0.00 0.00
      Total Operating Expenses 52,500.00 5716.00 34073.31
Program Expenses
   Education 2,000.00 69.45 1205.07
   Evangelism 150.00 0.00 0.00
   Membership 50.00 0.00 0.00
   Mission 0.00 0.00 0.00
   Worship Supplies 200.00 0.00 168.40
         Pulpit Supply (when needed) 200.00 0.00 0.00
   Outreach 50.00 0.00 25.00
   Witness 0.00 0.00 0.00
   Stewardship Program 200.00 0.00 0.00
   Member to Annual Conference 300.00 0.00 99.75
   Youth  0.00 0.00 0.00
   Literature & Books (Bibles) 100.00 0.00 0.00
   Misc. 0.00 0.00
        Total Program Expenses 3,250.00 69.45 1498.22
Lay Salaries
   Secretary 17,118.00 933.42 10430.38
   Secretary Medicare 850.00 12.02 114.65
   Secretary Social Security 1,300.00 51.40 490.24
   Secretary Pension (3%) 513.00 42.00 294.00
   Janitorial (escrowed) 0.00 0.00 0.00
   Choir Director   1,264.00 0.00 0.00
   Organist/Pianist 3,003.00 0.00 200.00
                Total  Lay Salaries 24,048.00 1038.84 11529.27
Pastoral Support:
   Salary 43,000.00 3583.34 28666.72
   Parsonage Utilities 5,000.00 328.79 2851.53
   Travel 2,400.00 0.00 204.63
   Health Insurance 9,108.00 837.00 6296.00
   PIP 1,750.00 0.00 0.00
   Pension 7,380.00 0.00 7380.00
   Continuing Education 800.00 0.00 87.50
    Account Reimbursement 200.00 0.00 0.00
           Total Pastoral Support 69,638.00 4749.13 45486.38
                    Total Budget 166,641.00 11573.42 100314.18



October Volunteers


October  2   Linda DuQuesnay/Marlene Baker
                9 Ed & Susan Stoutenburg
             16 Dallas & Lynn Rabideau
             23 Don & Barb Ball
             30 Dan & Janelle Dickinson

October  2 Doris Jones
                9 Lori Inbody
              16 Jane Mitchell
              23 Laura Hill
              30 Mishelle Powell

Sound & Projection
October  2 Linda Parrish
                9 Linda Parrish
              16 Morgan Erla
              23 Morgan Erla
              30 Curtis Dickinson

Communion Steward
Sunday, October 2: Mary Jane VanVliet

October  2 Nataliah Frankowski
              30 Macy Dickinson

Ushers (Captain: Judy Wallace)
October  2

Altar Guild
October  2 Jay & Shirley Wisenbach
                9 Bob & Barbara Stickle
             16 John & Melody Frankowski
             23 Caren Clara
             30 Gil & Connie Schwaderer

October  2 Nikki Czekai
                9 Donna Adams and Margaret Czekai
             16 Judy Wallace
             23 Melody Frankowski
             30 Laura Hill

Other Helpers Scheduled through the office


October  2 Rod Sherman
                9 Craig Retherford
             16 Ted Furness
             23 Gary Wichert
             30 Mick Kirn

Lawn Mowing (week starting
October  9

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